We Won!! Klang does Casual Connect Tel Aviv

Last week, Mundi and I got back from our trip, after the most insane airport security checks, to cold and gloomy Berlin. But, we're still walking on Tel Aviv's sunshine as we won not one, but two awards for ReRunners at this year's Indie Prize Awards ceremony, as part of Casual Connect Tel Aviv!

I'm not going to lie, we were both pretty, pretty hungover during the awards ceremony, which amplified the shock of being awarded the trophy for 'Best Game Design'. It's incredible to be nominated for an award, let alone win won! There were so many great games nominated (I've listed some of my favourites below); it was really inspiring to see them all on a big screen during the nominations.

As our disbelieve was wearing off, ReRunners won its second award, this time for 'Best Multiplayer Game'. At this point, our acceptance speeches were rather brain-dead, borderline absurd – blame the three nights of partying. But, we're super grateful for winning a second award, repeat, second award. In fact, we won so many goodies that the staff at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport weren't too happy about it.

Casual Connect was a blast! Three days of indie showcases, partying, exciting new games to play, good people to meet, nice food, and a free bar (which was too good). If you've never been before, or want an event to make connections and expand your gaming business, I really recommend Casual Connect. The next event will be taking place in February 2016 in our neck of the woods, Berlin, so don't miss out.

I also want to mention how beautiful Tel Aviv is! It would have been wonderful to have stayed longer and seen more of the sights, but unfortunately, we had to get back to the office. I'd also like to give a shout out to the best falafel and hummus sandwich ever! I can't remember the name of the street food stall, but, I really do miss you.

Mundi and I would like to thank all the awesome people we met during the event and those we had drinks with. Especially, the following people: Alexander and Marek at Gamajun Games, Daniel at Craneballs Studio, Marat at Wargaming, and Anders at Priori Data. A huge thank you goes out to Yulia and Sasha at Casual Connect; thanks so much for inviting us and for your hospitality.

Be sure to check out the following games, too: Take Cover (iOS and Android), Disco Dave (iOS and Android), Heroes Rage (iOS and Android), Planet Nomads (Windows, Mac, Linux), and Notes of Obsession (Windows).

See you in Berlin!

Mobcrushing to the future!

I'm not going to lie to you; I'm in two minds about publishing this post, as I feel like I'm giving out some top secret info. Like I've found a gold mine and posting its coordinates. It's the same feeling I had as a kid when my favourite band starting gaining popularity – it's precious, and you want to hold on to it dearly...

...wow, where am I going with this? Oh, yeah, MOBCRUSH!

I've made it my mission to absorb myself in everything Mobcrush and Mobcrush-related. Why? Well, there are many reasons, but, the main of the bunch being:

1. Its Surefire Streaming

This is an obvious one; Mobcrush is a live-streaming service for mobile. That's what it is. But, what sets it apart is its ease-of-use and simple interface that allows even the most amateur streamers to get their content out (I'm referring to myself here, by the way).

On a serious note, though, we're having great success streaming ReRunners on Mobcrush. To date, we have 18 streams, reaching over 900+ views. It's amazing to show off ReRunners to so many mobile gaming-lovers...which brings me on to my next point.

2. It Has a Great Community

None of this could happen without the Mobcrush community. Honestly, though, I'm blown away by how welcoming and passionate the community is. Ever since I started streaming and becoming an active member of the community, I've met a bunch of great, positive people and influencers (shout out to Fishdix Gaming for reaching out to me), as well as seeing a huge influx of sign-ups to the Beta.

Mobcrush is perfect for receiving constructive feedback for both the game itself and also how to improve the game from a streamer's perspective – what creates great content for broadcasting.

3. Mobcrush is On the Come-Up

Mobcrush is still only in Beta, but it's gaining popularity fast. We had the privilege of having Greg Essig, Mobcrush's Head of Business Development, visit us, so we have some insight into the future of the channel, and it'll be game-changing.

Moreover, we were able to discuss with Greg our plans to build our relationship with Mobcrush, its community, and its streamers. I can't go into this at the moment, but it's very, very exciting! ReRunners loves Mobcrush. 

Plug -> mobcrush.com/KlangGames