Improbable brings Unreal gaming Unity with its SpatialOS GDKs


Our hardworking friends over at Improbable are continuing to knock down the technical limitations facing smaller studios with the recent launch of the SpatialOS GDKs for Unity and Unreal. This means smaller studios can now easily build epic MMOs without the overwhelming network requirements.

For Klang, SpatialOS allows Seed to be this vast, continuously running simulation without the headaches of server limitations, as all of the game logic is living on SpatialOS. Plus, we were a part of the process of making the Unity GDK package, so we're fully behind this initiative!

Improbable's SpatialOS GDK package follows four different development philosophies to help build amazing projects. Check 'em out:

1. Faster iterations, boom!

2. Familiar workflows, boom!

3. Fast and high performance, boom!

4. Open development and customizability, boom!

By now you’re probably interested in finding out more about these GDKs, huh? Make sure to head on over to the SpatialOS website and check out more info to see if this is something for you. To be honest, it will be.

Congrats, Improbable!

Klang at Gamescom 2018

Klang Gamescom.png

Gamescom is taking place next week, which means we're looking forward to playing Switch for the whole duration of our four-hour train journey to Cologne. And secondly, we're excited to be meeting a bunch of great people and talking more about Seed, of course!

Unfortunately, we won't be talking or showing anything publicly about Seed this year. Instead, we're being low-key and have a schedule jam-packed with press, business-related ventures and doing our best to prevent hangovers. BUT, if you see us walking around, please say hi! We might even have some Seed merch for you...

Let's go, Gamescom!

Series A Funding Round for Seed is Signed, Sealed, Delivered


We're extremely excited to announce that the Series A funding round for Seed has been secured! And what's more, the round was led by Northzone, with additional support from Makers Fund, Novator, and firstminute capital. What an honour!

Northzone has previously invested in, among others, Spotify, PlayRaven, iZettle, and Avito, so it's inspiring to be a part of this esteemed roster.

To quote Mundi: “We're truly humbled to have secured the Series A for the development of Seed, a project that we believe will play an integral role in the next generation of social simulations. We're honored to share our vision with Northzone, and are more excited than ever to tackle this very ambitious project.”

To quote Paul Murphy, Partner at Northzone: “Klang has everything you’d want as an early stage investor - massive vision, experienced team, and an incredible early version of the product. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the team to help bring Seed to market.”

More information about the round can be found over on VentureBeat here:

Thank you for the support!
- The Klang Gang

Come and Unite at Klang's Unite Berlin Party!


As Klang is known for its raging parties (trust me, it's true), we're throwing a party to coincide with Unite Berlin to celebrate the event, and well, any excuse for a party.

After an action-packed day of workshops, presentations, and networking, come and let your hair down with Klang, including free drinks and music all night long (well, until 1 am).

The party will be located a stone's throw from the main Unite Berlin venue, STATION-BERLIN, which means you can easily pop over for a drink, or two, or three.

So, here are the details:

When? Tuesday 19th June

Time? 7 pm, straight after the Keynote session, until 1 am

Where? Tor Eins, Möckernstraße 26, a 5-minute walk from STATION-BERLIN and U-Bahn Gleisdreieck

Let's Unite! Let's Klang! Let's Party!

Be sure to RSVP here:

Join the Facebook event here:

See ya there!

Who's this Klanger? An interview with Artem “Archie” Dyadichkin

Archie bw.jpg

We're back with another episode of Who's this Klanger?! This time, I sat down with Engineer, Archie, to discuss his background, favourite games, and rock music...

Archie, tell our readers about your working background and experience.

“I recently graduated with a B.Sc. in Media and Computer Science from HTW Dresden and was lucky enough to find a position as a Game Engineer here at Klang. But, working on Seed isn't my first project, oh no! During my time at university, I was working as a freelancer for various projects as a gameplay-developer and programmer, most-notably the VR project, Cosmotic.”

With that in mind, how'd you end up working at Klang?

“After graduating, I really wanted to realise my dream of becoming a game developer as I've been a huge gamer since I was a kid. I was looking online at game studios across Germany and Klang really stood out. In fact, Klang was the first studio to actually respond to my speculative application, so it was meant to be!”

So, what excites you most about Seed?

“It's funny because I originally thought that Seed was going to be a small, cute indie project. But now that I'm a part of the madness, the scope of the project is so much bigger than I was expecting...and way more ambitious.

There are so many cool concepts with interesting gameplay mechanics in Seed, it gets me super excited as a gamer.”

Are there any games that have inspired you?

“Well, this could be a long list, but it's probably best that I keep it short...

I love the games developed by Naughty Dog, such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us. I'd say that my favourite game of the past few years is The Witcher 3. I love games that have an emphasis on player choice allowing you to feel like you're the character you're playing.”

You're a guitarist, right? Do you play in any bands or have any music projects that you'd like to plug?

“I'm still looking for other musicians in Berlin to play with, and I've posted in a few forums. Back in Dresden, I was in an instrumental progressive metal band called Devio Hail, but we never released a record. Those guys are still playing, though.

I'd love to have a band here in Berlin and be able to dust off the guitar!”

What are your favourite bands or musicians of all time?

“I'm really open to a lot of music, but I'm mostly into rock and metal. I like a lot of the music coming out of the 80s and 90s, especially grunge. I love a band called Failure, one of the more obscure bands coming out of the grunge scene. Their album Fantastic Planet is one that I'd totally recommend. It's iconic!

There's a band from back in Dresden called CEDRIC that I really like. They've just released a new album that is really killer!”

Stay tuned, readers, for the next part of Who's this Klanger? coming to you soon!

Rezzed 2018: Discussing Real-World Politics in Seed


This Saturday, Klang will be at Rezzed 2018 over in London discussing how real-world politics are being implemented in Seed as part of the event's Rezzed Sessions. And, we'd love to see you there!

Klang's CEO and overlord, Mundi, will be introducing Seed and we're allowing players to build political structures based on real-world politics, as well as being able to customise your own system...and revolt against them.

The session, titled Implementing real-world politics in an MMO: Allowing for a ballot and a boycott in Seed, will be taking place on Saturday 14th April at 12:30pm (BST), and you can read more about this session (and all the other awesome sessions) right here:

Be sure to check out the session, give Mundi a hug, and say hi (if you're there)!

Meet with Klang at GDC 18 and talk Seed!


It's eleven days until GDC, which means there are only eleven days left to get your GDC schedule together – depending on when you read this, of course. This is hereby eleven days notice that Klang will be holding a “Meet the Devs” session at GDC, and, if you want to know more about Seed, you should probably be there!

We'll be holding a special "Meet The Devs" session on Wednesday 21st March from 3PM – 4PM at the Improbable Booth, 1031- South Hall. Here, you'll be able to meet the Klang founders, discuss everything and anything about Seed, and even pick up FREE, super-exclusive Seed goodies!

If you're press and you want an exclusive, hands-off look at Seed, we can sort that out, too. Visit our GDC page here and book an appointment with us.

See you in San Francisco!

Talking the S-Word at PC Gamer Weekender


Seed!!! Mundi - the big cheese, the overlord, the governor - will be discussing Seed, virtual worlds, and all things SpatialOS at next week's PC Gamer Weekender in LDN. And when I say talking, I don't mean to himself, but as part of the event's Developer Stage programme!

To quote the event's namesake, PC Gamer, our session will in the form a live Q&A, with discussion topics being the inspirations behind Seed, the design of the project, and SpatialOS' mighty tech. Read the PC Gamer article here:

The session, titled 'Seed—Build Your Own Utopia', will be taking place on the Sunday (18th February) at noon. If you're attending the weekend, be sure to also check out Automaton Games' session on the Saturday! That's set to be a good 'un!

For Press: If you're down to meet up with us during the weekend, email me at to sort something out.

See you there!