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10 Years of Klang!

Monday, July 10th

A remarkable milestone is upon us as we proudly celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Klang Games! Over the past decade, we have embarked on a journey filled with creativity, innovation, a little craziness, and a passion for creating a game that helps people connect and build community. It has been a wild ride, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it all!

10 years ago Klang (which was originally named with the help of Mundi’s Grandfather, after a sound in the Donald Duck cartoons) was just in its infancy, made up of a small but motivated team that had a dream of creating a large-scale MMO game, the likes of which nobody had ever seen. Along the way, a lot happened. The ever-beloved game ReRunners was born (in a windowless closet of a room that the founders rented), we raised three rounds of funding, and our team has grown a lot.  It has been an amazing experience to watch Klang grow from its small beginnings to a group of almost 90 employees! (And yes, our Lego collection has grown as well!)

Throughout our journey, the support and engagement of our incredible community (that’s you!) have fed our creative fire, pushing us to create our finest work! Additionally, we owe our deepest gratitude to the passionate playtesters, ReRunners players, and partners who have been with us on this ride. Without their participation, feedback, and support, we wouldn’t be able to continue making SEED the absolute best it can be.

We are happy to say that Klang is embarking on a new and exciting chapter. We recently moved to a new office, better equipped to handle our growing team’s needs. The Life Cycle Podcast, which is produced by Klang, has just finished a successful second season. And this is just a taste of everything that we have in store!

Here’s to another 10 years, or 100 years as Mundi says, of game development and fun!

P.S. If you are interested in joining along on our adventure, take a look at our current open positions! We would love to hear from you.

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