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10 years ago three Icelanders started dreaming about revolutionizing the way that we play games online, and from that dream Klang was born. 


Klang is an entertainment studio exploring the future of humanity through SEED, a large scale Society Simulator unlike any other. We aim to present a deep, meaningful experience that combines the beauty and challenges of reality in a virtual playground full of possibilities. Through SEED, a massive living world, we are working to redefine the MMO landscape, while having a positive impact on our species. 


We aspire to bring people together through engaging media experiences and by building strong communities.

CTO / Co-Founder

Oddur oversees the technical implementation of the virtual worlds Klang creates, whether that means guaranteeing back-end scalability, or the implementation of the clients used to access the studio’s game services - he’s affectionately known as the code janitor. 

Throughout his career, Oddur has delivered over 70 software products, ranging from small integrations to large multi-million dollar enterprise billing systems. Oddur also played an integral part in the shipping of numerous game expansions and improvements to the critically acclaimed MMO, EVE Online.

CCO / Co-Founder

Ívar Emilsson (b. 1984, Iceland) is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Klang Games, based in Berlin. Working in the domain of vision execution and as a creative team leader, he has over 17 years of experience in the game industry. Since 2013 he has applied his lifelong interest and focus on virtual worlds and economies into SEED, the life simulation project currently in development by Klang Games. Between 2005 and 2013 he worked for CCP (Reykjavik and Shanghai) on EVE Online and DUST 514.

CEO / Co-Founder

Mundi has been running his own creative business since he was 19, working in almost every creative field there is. From fashion design and production, graphic design, and directing short films, to painting and performance art.

As CEO, he's responsible for overseeing daily operations at Klang, and corresponding with partners, stakeholders and investors. He has the “gift of the gab”...seriously, he does.

Media Producer & Sound Design

Davíð is the oldest (and wisest) member of the Gang, and is responsible for all in-game sound design in Seed, as well as editing and recording video footage.
Davíð’s vast experience in film and TV audio post-production, as well as the time he spent at warehouse parties during the early nineties, has helped him to get into the groove.

Game Engineer

Born and raised in Berlin, Martin's interest in making games began in the 7th grade when he got to grips with the programming language, Turbo Pascal. Since then, his ten years' experience has led him to work on numerous commercial projects, including Forge of Empires, and Settlers of Catan 3D.

Technical Director

Rainer has been involved in all aspects of game development for nearly a decade - from initial concept design and software architecture, to implementation and post-release-maintenance. 
Rainer believes that proper polishing is essential to achieve a harmonious gaming experience… and we certainly agree with him.

Game Engineer

Ulrich has been working in the games industry for more than a decade. After developing a MMO for five years he created mobile games in a Berlin based games studio. At Klang he joined the DevX team and contributes to continuous integration, tools development and testing.

Director of Narrative and Editorial Content

Writer and novelist, John Holten is working with Klang on developing the backstory and folklore of Seed, as well as acting as a storytelling consultant. He co-produces and co-hosts The Life Cycle with Eva Kelley, exploring the world and themes of Seed.
Besides this, John is the Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Berlin-based publishing house, Broken Dimanche Press, which has helped to launch over fifty publications and related projects, including his own novels, The Readymades, and Oslo, Norway. 

Graphics Engineer

Straight outta university with a B.Sc. in Media IT, Artem – a.k.a. Archie – is bringing his fresh programming and 3D ideas to the team. Archie has always wanted to be a part of developing a game and what a better start than working on Seed!
When not coding or playing video games, he's writing the best guitar riffs known to mankind.

Senior Concept Artist

As senior concept artist, Joe designs a variety of 2D concept art for Seed, from industrial machines to exotic creatures.With a background in illustration and visual development for games, Joe also works closely with other members of the art team to help explore the universe of Seed and make it as beautiful as it can be.

Senior UI Designer/Motion Designer

Samet is from Istanbul, Turkey, and before moving to Berlin worked for several digital agencies on a variety of design projects. An autodidact, Samet is focused on learning as many design tools as he can. And Klang are the lucky recipients of this increasingly expert knowledge and skillset: he’s responsible for a bunch of our amazing visual design projects for Klang and Seed – from website design, and video production/motion graphics, to creating assets for the community. 

Game Engineer

Back in 9th grade, Evans stumbled upon two things that ended up deciding his career path for him: Visual Basic 6 and Age of Empires. One got him hooked on programming and the other on games. He started his career working on embedded devices but a few years in, he decided that working on games was his true calling and moved into the games industry. When he's not making or playing games, he likes to dabble in cooking, playing the piano, or playing Padel.

Lead People Operations Manager

Kata leads and supports the People Operations Team and oversees the day-to-day activities of core People Operations. Her main responsibilities are to provide support for Klangers, build processes and structures, and lead projects to create a better employee experience. She has many years of experience in operational roles at companies in Berlin and enjoys bringing creativity into this role. In her free time, she likes sewing and drawing and she has completed her studies in fashion design to level up her skills. She is also into music and just loves celebrating life with a good dance.

Game Engineer

Marijn started developing games in the heart of Amsterdam six years ago. After moving to Berlin and working at Wooga for three years he was up to a new challenge: Making the Seedlings come alive with AI!
He loves everything about game development, from game jams to low-level optimizations.

Game Engineer

Emir is an experienced software developer that loves playing games almost as much as making them. Always interested in the latest technologies and pushing the envelope. Moved from Sarajevo to Berlin to work on multiple MMOs at Bigpoint. Perhaps a tad too old for some of this he would perhaps rather be at the beach drinking a cold beer.

Lead Game Designer

David started scribbling video game levels in elementary school and is now working on designing the rules and content of Seed.
He formerly worked as an indie game developer and loves to explore the city by bike during summer.

Political Analyst

Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, Lawrence Lessig is advising Klang on the political structure of Seed, creating frameworks and theoretical scenarios. He is a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Association. 

Head of Finance

Milan is responsible for Klang's finances. He grew up in Budapest and moved around quite a bit between Hungary, France, Germany and Austria. He came to Berlin five years ago and has been working in the tech-scene ever since in different finance roles. He accompanied the exponential growth of Contentful for almost four years where he learned all things finance. In his free time he is often on the go exploring interesting architecture, but you might as well bump into him in the club on the weekend.

QA Tester

Thibault is born in the suburb of Paris in 1994, and arrived at Klang in 2020. While being a gamer since young age, he wasn't planning to work in the gaming industry and followed a very different academical path (Logistics!). But he is now taking care of the quality of the game, and is keen to work towards test automation.

Office IT Administrator

Michail has been working in the IT industry for many years. He was raised in Greece before moving to Bayern. Three years ago he moved to Berlin and joined Klang in 2019. He’s responsible for making the working day easier for the team and improving and administrating the company’s IT infrastructure. Michail also has a passion for electronic music production and DJing. After his working day at Klang he likes to produce some 90s techno bangers in his music studio.

Lead 3D Animator

The overall leading topic in Alexandra’s life is dynamic flow of life. Life is always moving and this driving force is what interests her. Why are people as they are? Where is everything coming from? How can we bring this into virtual worlds to keep the spirit of reality also in there? She likes to ask questions and find answers. She studied digital art and has worked as a Character Animator since 2004. Previously being the main animator at Albion Online for over seven years, Alexandra has a wide experience in the gaming, feature film and advertisement industry.In real life she teaches how to bring awareness and alignment into body and mind through yoga.

Lead Talent Acquisition Manager

Andy was born in Northern Ireland but spent most of his life in Brighton, just south of London. He started his career in IT hardware before moving into recruitment. As a recruiter he spent time building games teams at Unity and TT Games before relocating to Berlin to join the Klang-gang. Outside of work Andy spends most of his time listening to music, reading or playing games. If you want to find out more about working at Klang contact him on

Junior Talent Acquisition Manager

Linda gets daily inspiration from talking to new people and learning about their backgrounds and skills. Linda has recently opened a gaming world for herself and since then has talked to many creative and passionate people. She always finds an individual way to speak with different candidates and is happy to offer them a window into the SEED world. In her free time, she likes to connect with the world and people through psychology, yoga, and meditation. You can contact Linda at

Senior Talent Partner

Jon is an Emmy Award-winning producer and runner-up of The Booker Prize, 2021.
None of the above was true. Since moving to Berlin, he’s grown technical teams for Start/Scale-Ups across different verticals. For now, he’s looking to get people excited about building SEED and what it’s like to be a “Klanger”! For more info, feel free to reach out here:

Board Member

Vivaan is a member of Klang’s Board. After receiving her MBA from Harvard Vivaan entered the global investing community and since then has been a partner at many leading fund dealers. Currently she is a Partner at New Life Ventures. Some fun facts about her: her favorite animal is the wolf spider and her favorite color is black.


With a background in physics and a roving mind, we're happy to have Adam on our side, assisting with research and theoretical advice on almost all aspects of our project!
He's like a walking Wikipedia!

We are Hiring!

Are you an experienced game developer looking to work on in one of the most ambitious games studios on the planet?

We are Hiring!

Are you an experienced game developer looking to work on in one of the most ambitious games studios on the planet?


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