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A Look at Some of Our Open Positions!

Wednesday, June 26th

While our team may have grown a lot over the past year, we are very happy to report that we are still looking for talented individuals to join us! Let’s take a look at some of the open positions that we are excited to fill:

Design Director (Berlin)

Do you have lots of experience in creative leadership in the gaming industry? Have you been a Lead Game Designer? If so, then our Design Director role may be the perfect fit for you! As the leader of the Design team, you will translate the visionary essence of SEED into practical design strategies and oversee their successful implementation. This role puts you at the heart of game development, ensuring that all elements—from system mechanics to content and controls—work harmoniously to enhance player experiences. You will work closely with other department heads to optimize design processes and maintain the highest quality standards. Your leadership will not only drive the design team's objectives but will also actively contribute to the game's development and success. If you're ready to lead a team in delivering engaging gaming experiences and continuously adapt to player feedback and industry trends, then check out the application information and apply now.

Creative Director (Berlin)

Another important position we are currently looking to fill is that of Creative Director. In this role, you will oversee the creative vision across the Design, Art, Sound, and UI teams, ensuring that every game element aligns with our strategic experience and narrative goals (yes, as you can tell it is a critical role!) Your guidance will be crucial in harmonizing design, art, sound, and user interface to fulfill our overall product vision. Working closely with the UX/UI Director and Art Director, you will translate our vision for SEED into actionable design strategies that resonate throughout the studio. A big part of the role will revolve around adopting creative strategies based on player feedback and analytics, so adaptability is a must! Come and help us foster an innovative atmosphere and take creative risks that help us drive SEED toward success!

Technical Director (Berlin or Madrid)

As the Technical Director at Klang, you will spearhead the growth and excellence of our engineering teams in Berlin and Madrid (you can be located in either location). Reporting directly to the CTO, you will play a key role in shaping the technical direction of our projects while cultivating a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. In this role, you will build and mentor a robust team of (excellent) engineers, enhance inter-team communications, and streamline processes to boost productivity. Your responsibilities will include working closely with the CTO to expand the engineering team, setting personal and professional growth goals with team members, and driving technical initiatives that enhance our engineering practices. You will also collaborate with the recruiting team to assess and fulfill growth needs, manage the team's backlog and priorities, and stay abreast of ongoing technical trends. If you are a natural leader with a passion for mentoring, experienced in Agile methodologies, and skilled in managing both the technical and human aspects of a team, then this might be the role for you! If you're a strong communicator with a solid technical background and a drive for innovation, we encourage you to apply and help lead our technical endeavors at Klang.

Senior Game Engineer (Madrid)

Next up is our Senior Game Engineer position. In this role, you will contribute to the development of our ambitious MMO project that uses distributed systems and ECS architecture. You'll work on solving technical issues within the game’s C# codebase, which includes everything from the game client and AI systems to the server-side code. You'll also develop user interfaces using EvolveUI, a modern UI framework designed for game development. This position involves collaboration with colleagues from various departments, such as engineering, game design, UI/UX design, and art. So, if you have professional experience with a modern game engine and you enjoy identifying and resolving technical and design challenges, this position may be for you!

Lead Game Engineer (Madrid)

If Senior Game Engineer isn’t the right role for you, you might want to take a look at our Lead Game Engineer position! In this position you will spearhead the technical vision and execution, making sure that we are delivering high-quality code in a collaborative environment. This role involves leading the design and development of major game systems using C#, built upon a robust foundation of distributed systems and ECS architecture. You'll mentor and manage a team of talented engineers, guiding their professional growth and ensuring that the project's technical strategy aligns with our business goals. Additionally, you'll collaborate with other teams, including production, game design, and UI/UX design, to enhance the game's live operations post-launch. If you're passionate about crafting cutting-edge gaming experiences and leading a team towards innovative solutions, we want to hear from you!

Product Owner (Berlin or Madrid)

Last but not least is our open position of Product Owner. In this pivotal position, you'll drive the vision and strategy of SEED, working alongside our Executive Producer and Co-CEO to ensure that SEED not only meets but exceeds our quality standards. Your strong leadership skills, clear communication, and deep understanding of the gaming industry will guide cross-functional teams toward successful product delivery. As the voice of our customers, you'll ensure that SEED captivates and meets the needs of our players. You'll collaborate closely with feature teams to reflect and uphold SEED’s vision and strategy, manage stakeholder relationships, define quality metrics, and continuously adapt to feedback and trends. If you're passionate about creating exceptional gaming experiences and leading innovative projects, check out this link to apply!

If any of these positions caught your eye (or you want to look at our other open positions,) go and check out our careers page!

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