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An Amazonian guide to the DOs and DON’Ts of app store exposure

July 17, 2015

Ah, app stores. We love them. All of them. All the app stores. They’re great. But, as we’re now nearing the time to launch ReRunners, it seems like a semi-scary mountain to climb in order to gain exposure among the vast gaming apps being launched daily.

Amazon’s Peter Heinrich has recently written an opinion piece warning Devs against the crafty tactics being used to propel mobile games up the rankings.

Peter claims that some Devs will do anything they can to increase their clout, such as posting bogus reviews, using scripts and bots to inflate positive ratings, and offering in-app rewards in exchange for favorable customer feedback.

The naming of certain apps also comes into question, with some being almost carbon copies of each other, and their app icons being “virtually indistinguishable.”

Peter continues to state that “the surest path to success for any app is marked by the value it creates for customers," and that a fan base should be built “the old-fashioned way" through social interaction and community building.

“...Originality, humor, depth, performance, specialization... Concentrate on these and the downloads will follow.”

Wise words.

Thanks for the tips, Peter!

RIP Satoru Iwata
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