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Introducing… Our New Office!

Wednesday, August 2nd

As many of you may already know, we recently moved to a brand-new office! And although our new home is only a ten-minute jaunt from our old office, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed. For this blog post, we chatted with Alina (our Office Coordinator) and Norma (our Office Manager) about the big move and their favorite parts of the new office.

Digging up Klang’s Past

Moving is never easy but sometimes you find forgotten gems in the process! Alina and Norma were surprised by how many objects had special meanings and history. “We found a lot of things that have an amazing story behind them”, says Norma. For example, while packing they came across a huge oversized orange couch (in the shape of a man). Turns out that this large piece of avant-garde furniture was originally purchased by Mundi (our CEO) back when Klang was still in its infancy. It now happily resides on the top floor of the new building, so that everyone can enjoy its funky charm.

Our New Modern Building

Klang has always been based in Berlin’s Kruezberg district, and the new Klang House couldn’t be closer to the heart of Kreuzberg: Kottbusser Tor. It’s a new building and it’s both beautiful and practical. With lots of meeting rooms, call booths, and multiple kitchens and hang-out spaces, it is perfect for our growing team. One feature of the new office that we are very excited about is the heating and cooling system (which is eco-friendly and super efficient!). It means no more baking in the summer months (even though with Berlin’s mixed summer weather, this is something we sadly may not have to worry about until next year). When the snow comes, we’ll be ready with a nice toasty office.

Community Spaces

At Klang, our community means everything to us, so it goes without saying that having spaces to hang out and connect is very important! Luckily for us, the whole ground floor of the new office space is dedicated to community spaces. Now Klangers have a huge upgraded kitchen space and lounge (fully decorated with SEED artwork), and (very soon) an outdoor patio space to call their own! “I really love this ground floor”, says Alina. “It’s nice to have a big open space to have lunch and spend time all together.”

Now you can see why we love our new office so much: it is the perfect space for us to continue developing SEED! We look forward to seeing how the space develops and grows over time alongside us.

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