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Introducing: (Some of) the Artists Behind Klang!

Wednesday, March 20th

This week we are paying homage to (some of) the amazing artists who help us make SEED not only a fun game but a beautiful one too! This week we spoke with Johnny, Muninel, Anton, and Nick about their work at Klang, as well as their own passion projects. Let’s dive into the interviews:

Johnny - Animator

Originally from Portugal, Johnny has called the UK his home for the past 10 years. There are a lot of reasons that Johnny loves being an animator. “I get the opportunity to act out so many different scenarios through the characters that I animate,” he says. For Johnny, animation is a combination of art, sociology, and psychology, which never gets boring. Johnny explains that “because SEED is a life simulation it gives us animators some space to breathe”. He enjoys working on a project that allows him more time to explore the emotions behind the animations. As a father of two (one baby and one toddler), Johnny’s time is pretty much accounted for, and he enjoys drawing and making art with his daughter, Alice.

Muninel - Senior 3D Artist

Muninel hails from Bosnia and she’s been working at Klang for the past two and a half years. “I love being a 3D artist because it keeps my childlike wonder alive,” she Muninel. When we discussed working on SEED, Muninel explained how she was immediately drawn to the style of the game. “Even when I look at old concept art from SEED I am still blown away and it feels like I am seeing it for the first time.” Muninel is a self-proclaimed hobbyist. “I like making things with my hands,” she explains. Because of this, she has a whole closet full of materials for knitting, crocheting, felting, and more!

Anton - Senior Concept Artist

Before working at Klang, Anton was an apprentice for a stonemason and sculptor. As our Senior Concept Artist, Anton spends his time creating the art concepts that are later put into SEED. For Anton, working on SEED is exciting because there is so much to create. “We’re building every dimension from scratch,” he explains. “We get to create everything from biomes to characters and more, which is very interesting for a concept artist.” Outside of his work at Klang, you can find Anton singing in his local choir or making music on his own (Blues, Rock, and some Folk.)

Nick - Real-Time 3D Artist

Nick has been a 3D artist for the past 9 years. His love for everything 3D started at University, where he studied computer game modeling. “While I don’t have traditional art skills, I’ve always gravitated towards 3D art,” explains Nick. “Even when I was just playing games, I was always fascinated by the 3D aspect of them.” Similar to Muninel, Nick enjoys working on a project where he resonates with the style of the game. “I gravitate towards a more stylized and minimal game style, so SEED is the perfect project for me.” In his free time, Nick likes to work on his own small game prototypes, utilizing his past programmer training.

As we mentioned before, these are just a few of the talented artists who call Klang home. We are extremely grateful for every single artist that is helping us make the world of Avesta a beautiful place!

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