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Introducing: The Districts of Berlin (If They Were Holiday Drinks)

Wednesday, November 15th

We thought it was about time that we talked about Berlin’s eclectic and amazing districts. And with the holidays approaching, we decided that (to keep things seasonal and exciting) we will introduce them to you as if they were holiday drinks!

Mitte - Gluhwein

Glühwein (also known as mulled wine) is a typical German holiday drink. Filled with aromatic spices, glühwein is a cozy and classic beverage that never goes out of style (except when the holiday season is over and we’re all completely sick of it!) In a way, Mitte embodies the same spirit as this beloved winter drink. Located in the center of Berlin, Mitte is home to some all-time Berlin classics, like the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island. And in many ways, Mitte is timeless and comforting, just like glühwein. But just like drinking too much glühwien, too much time spent in Mitte will leave you feeling a little bit hungover, and you may need to detox in another district.

Charlottenburg - Champagne

We know some people may not agree, but we feel that It’s almost impossible to sip on champagne and not feel high class (unless it’s that five-euro bottle of sekt you bought at the Späti down the street.) And what better district personifies champagne’s fancy and bubbly character than Charlottenburg? Located in West Berlin, Charlottenburg is known for its beauty and somewhat rarefied atmosphere. Nothing says class like the Baroque-era Charlottenburg Palace (Schloss Charlottenburg), or the Charlottenburg Palace Gardens (Schlossgarten Charlottenburg.) So, if you’re in the mood for a fancy and refined time, Charlottenburg is the district for you.

Neukölln - Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum is known for its warmth and spices, two things that the district of Neukölln has in spades. The most diverse district in Berlin, Neukölln is home to many different cultures, with specifically large Turkish and Arabic populations (Berlin actually has the largest Turkish population outside of Turkey!) For those interested in trying new cuisines, look no further (yes, some of the best Döner Kebap can be found here.) Also, if you’re looking for a place to shelter from the harsh Berlin winter (yes, it’s coming), Neukölln has many comfy bars, like Fuk;s Bar and Rotbart Bar, where you can relax, re-warm, and even catch some live music.

Prezlauer Berg - Eggnog

Nothing says nostalgia and coziness quite like a cup of steaming eggnog. One sip, and all of a sudden you’re transported back in time to the beloved Christmases of your childhood. Prenzlauer Berg has a similar nostalgic quality to it. Prenzlauer Berg is a very family-friendly district. Maybe it’s all the babies (there’s a reason one of its nicknames is Pregnant Hill,) but walking around its cozy and cobblestone-lined streets will fill you up with all the fuzzy and sentimental feelings. It’s a great place to visit a cute cafe like Cafe Krone (some of the best breakfast you can find in the city), do some shopping at a boutique like Novel, and have a delicious bite at one of its many great restaurants. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city, Prenzlauer Berg is a nice refuge to recharge your batteries.

Kreuzberg - Irish Coffee

You may think that we chose Irish Coffee as Kreuzberg’s holiday drink persona because the neighborhood is home to one of Klang’s infamous Irishmen, John Holten (Director of Narrative). And while we can neither confirm nor deny this, we stand by our choice! Just as Irish coffee blends ingredients from different parts of the world, Krezberg blends people, cultures, and food, from different corners of the globe (if you want to try different cuisines all at once, we recommend heading over to Markthalle Neun). The district is also known for its street art, nightlife, and Klang’s office of course!

Friedrichshain - Peppermint Mocha

Just like the way peppermint mocha blends a classic coffee beverage with a seasonal flavor, Friedrichshain is a dynamic district that combines multiple elements. On the one hand, the district is known for its nightlife, as it offers an array of bars, clubs (including the infamous Berghain,) and music venues. If staying out till 10 am listening to hard techno isn’t your cup of tea, the district offers up some very lovely green spaces, like Volkspark Friedrichshain, that you can bask in. From alternative spaces and squats to vintage shopping, Friendrichain combines many great aspects of Berlin into one beloved district.

Schöneberg Cranberry mimosa

We chose the colorful cranberry mimosa for Schöneberg to highlight its important role in the LGBTQ+ community. Since the 1920s the district has been a haven for queer culture. In fact, Schöneberg was the first district to display rainbow colors in front of the town hall, which was done during Berlin Pride Week in 1996. Schöneberg's LGBTQ+ community is still thriving today, and it enriches the district's already lively character. If you’re in the area, check out some of the neighborhood’s beloved queer-owned establishments, like Romeo und Romeo and Tom’s Bar.

Wedding - Hot Apple Cider

Just like hot apple cider combines flavors of sweet and tangy, the district of Wedding combines different cultures and cuisines. From Turkish to Ethiopian restaurants, you can find it all! Some of Alice Cleaver’s (our Community Manager) favorite restaurants are located in Wedding like the Ethiopian Lalibela and Italian Da Gorgios. We also chose apple cider for Wedding because it is also known for its cozy cafe atmosphere. Looking to get that next chapter of your novel written or just to curl up and read a good sci-fi? Check out Kawa Kaffeemanufaktur and Coffee Circle Cafe.

One of the best things about Berlin is the fact that you can always find an event, restaurant, or atmosphere to match your mood. So, now that we’ve established why you should want to move to Berlin, head on over to our Careers Page to check out our open positions!

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