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Klang Games Announces Vivaan Laghari Joining the Board

Thursday, December 1st

Today Klang Games announces Vivaan Laghari Joining the Board. The following is an official press release.

Berlin, Germany: Klang Games, a small but fast growing video game studio based in the heart of Berlin, has just announced that Vivaan Laghari has been appointed as a new Member of the Board. Ms. Laghari will represent long term partner and investor New Life Ventures on the board.

“I am delighted to take on this new role at Klang, which is on the brink of such a huge innovation in the gaming industry. And within such a rapidly changing technological environment, Klang is adapting and growing with the world, in order to provide players with a unique and meaningful experience. I am privileged to be a part of this journey.”

Klang Games is pushing the limits of what constitutes an MMO world with SEED, a massive large-scale, persistent virtual world in which players shape their realities. Set in the new world of Avesta, SEED offers thousands of players a platform where they can explore, participate in a player-driven economy, self-govern, and contribute to their community. Everything will be experienced through the game’s rich AI-driven virtual humans, called Seedlings. The Seedlings are customizable, allowing for creative player expression, and rely on the active caretaking skills of the players. Helping their Seedlings is the player’s main goal, and they can participate in and build a completely player-driven economy as well as various forms of governance systems. Currently, in the Pre-Alpha state, SEED’s focus is on creating an online space where people can connect, work together, and build strong communities.

“Everyone at Klang is really excited about Vivaan joining the board. She brings with her a background rich in global investment and business management, both of which are invaluable to us. Furthermore, she is a very dedicated person with lots of inventive ideas. We are thrilled to welcome her onto the board of Klang”, says Mundi Vondi, CEO of Klang Games.

Ready to help Klang push its own boundaries, Vivaan holds an MBA from Harvard and has been a partner at many leading fund dealers since 2011. At the moment, Vivaan is a partner at New Life Ventures. She also is a regular panelist at financial conferences across the globe.

New Life Ventures was a part of Klang Games’ last funding round, in which they raised $41 million. The other investors involved in that round of funding were Animoca Brands, Kingsway Capital, Anthos, Novator, Supercell, Roosh, and AngelHub.

“Our vision for this decision is that Vivaan will bring a breath of fresh air to our board, says Isabelle Henriques, Co-CEO of Klang Games. “We believe that Vivaan will be a great asset to Klang Games.”

Presently, there is no comment from Klang as to whether further changes to the board are planned

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