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Klang Takes on Madrid!

Wednesday, July 19th

We have some breaking news for you: Klang is opening an office in Madrid! There are many reasons that we have decided to expand to Spain (tapas being top on the list) and in this blog post, we will discuss them.

One of the main motivations behind our expansion is the incredible gaming talent in Madrid! In fact, the government of Madrid has plans for it to become the capital of video game development in Spain. Because of this, there are many government initiatives for game development and game associations, which Klang is excited to tap into! On top of that, Madrid is home to some excellent university programs in game development and game design. Many of these universities attract people from all over the world, which adds to the pool of talent that Klang is ready to dip our toes in!

“It’s really exciting to create a team in Madrid from the ground up”, says Maria Rey Sampayo, our Studio Operations Director. Maria is already located in Madrid and is spearheading Klang’s new office there. “We can’t wait to bring Madrid’s amazing talent to Klang and see how those people can help us make SEED what we want it to be.”

If you are living in Madrid or want to, and are interested in being a part of a creative game company that is pushing the boundaries of the MMO genre, keep an eye out on our careers page. We will be posting our open positions for the Madrid office there soon. Anyone is welcome to apply, not just Spanish speakers. Join us in making Madrid Klang’s second home!

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