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Klang’s Favorite Cafes (Near our Office)

Wednesday, January 31st

Although Klang is made up of a very diverse group of people from all over the world, one thing we all (or at least almost all) can agree on is our love for coffee. Yes, folks, we’re here to tell you that coffee is essential when building one of the most ambitious MMOs to have ever existed! That’s why this week we are taking you on a tour of our favorite cafes near our office here in Kreuzberg.

The Visit

The Visit Coffee Roastary is an all-time Klanger favorite (whether this affection stems from the fact that it is just a few doors over from our office we cannot say.) Besides the convenient location, The Visit also offers great coffee and delicious fresh food. Before you throw a fit about spending over 3.50 euros for a cappuccino, take a moment to appreciate that they roast all of their coffee beans in-house! You can actually watch the roasting process while you enjoy your steaming hot beverage.

Cafe Tres

Just a two-minute walk from the office, Cafe Tres is a cute and cozy space. Our Lead Game Designer, David, says that he enjoys the cafe’s artsy vibe, which can be felt through both the minimal hipster colors & decorations, as well as the lovely and welcoming staff. Cafe Tres has a menu full of delicious pastries but its emphasis is on sharing specialty coffee with others. David agrees with this and recommends Cafe Tres specifically to those looking for a quality shot of espresso.


Something that sets NANO Cafe apart from other cafes is its emphasis on the importance of people and the environment. From the coffee they choose to the way they deliver their coffee throughout the city (on emission-free cargo bikes,) NANO is thoughtful about their impact on the world around them. Nacho (one of our Engineering Managers) says NANO’s chill atmosphere is relaxing and perfect for a quick work break or a casual coffee date. His favorite drink to order is the very strong double-shot americano but he says the pastries are also great!

Cerebra Coffee

Located right next to Nano Coffee is Cerebra Coffee (which just so happens to be one of our Content Designers, Ian’s favorites.) Besides having perfectly roasted coffee (which is roasted right here in Berlin) and delicious matcha lattes, Cerebra also has a whole menu of amazing sandwiches and pastries. If you go there, Ian says their carrot cake is a must-try!

Bonanza Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for a cafe in a relaxed environment, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Kreuzberg, then Bonanza Coffee Roasters is your place. Zon (one of our Platform Engineers) particularly likes Bonanza because it has protected outside seating, so you can enjoy your coffee outdoors, even in the rain. He says it’s difficult to choose, but Zon’s favorite things to order at Bonanza are their lattes and brownies. The next time you go to Bonanza, make sure to say hi to the horses that live on the children’s farm next door.

As you can tell there are a lot of great places to fufill your coffee cravings near our Kreuzberg office! 

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