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Multiplayer Platformer 'ReRunners' Finally Releasing this Month

July 05, 2016

I feel like ReRunners has been in soft-launch (or some type of beta) for quite some time now, but after playing a recent build the other day, I'm glad to say that all the tinkering has really helped. And it seems like the wait is over because barring any running injuries, ReRunners should release this month. If you haven't played or seen the game so far, ReRunners is a multiplayer platformer where you get to race against your friend's ghosts. The game is incredibly colorful and vibrant, and it offers more than just doing races against others; there's also a whole world to explore that boasts dozens of unique levels as well as character customization.

And when it comes to the actual running, you can use all kinds of items like jetpacks, bombs, and more to, well, win fair and square. So, expect to be blown out of the sky more times than you can count. The game has gone through multiple iterations while in beta, and I'm hoping that that rate of development continues after launch. You can check out the forum thread for more info on the game and to talk to the developers if you have any questions about the game. Hopefully not too long to wait before everyone can get their hands on ReRunners.

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