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OZ, why you no like video games?

July 01, 2015

Strewth! Australia has banned more than four times as many games in the past four months than during the whole period between 1994 and 2014, states ABC.

Over 200 games have been refused classification since last March, which means they are now illegal to sell, advertise and publicly exhibit in OZ.

Maybe the rules are becoming stricter because Government bodies can’t decipher the difference between fiction and non-fiction, art and real-life, etc. – a subject that has been going on longer worldwide than during the past four months Down Under. But, with titles such as Douchebag Beach Club, Drunk Driver, and HoboSimulator, then could this be justified?

Us Klangers are all for creative freedom, but we also believe that games shouldn’t exclude anyone.

Game on!

*Disclaimer – HoboSimulator sounds amazing, and we’d totally play it. Plus, we’re not hating on the ideas of other studios. We love ya’ll*

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