After the Fate of Earth has been decided, humanity looks to settle on a habitable exoplanet with the hope of rebuilding its future.

In a world driven by real emotion, aspiration, and determination, players manage and care for multiple Seedlings and collaborate with one another to build fully-functional societies to ensure their survival.

Driven by AI, Seedlings possess their own needs, desires, and cognitive functions, which players must nurture. As progression happens organically, Seedlings will age, breed, and develop their social construct.

Seedlings go about their day-to-day lives, even when the player is offline, with every move, thought or decision having a knock-on effect on the society around them. As these societies grow, trade and conflict will emerge both locally and internationally.

Seed is a virtual world that allows players to self-govern and participate in a real player-driven economy in a vast, sandbox environment. Seed also examines the idea of what it is to be human, focusing on the philosophical concepts of futurism. A deep experience, breaking down the constraints of what it means to play a game.

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