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Happy Anniversary, Craig!

April 29th, 2022

With a game like SEED, the user interface and general player experience when playing are crucial: that’s why we’re delighted that we’ve had Craig as our UI and UX overlord for one year now! Craig is assiduous and hardworking, with an amazing eye for detail. Problem solving is Craig’s thing, which makes him such a perfect fit.

“I think I developed an affinity for UI design because of the problem solving approach it requires”, Craig has said, “I think I also took to it quickly because of my student days spent modding the UI in World of Warcraft.” Craig has been living in Berlin for eight years, working in larger studios such as King and Wargaming where he continued developing himself as a UI and UX designer before joining us at Klang HQ.

“I began to seek new challenges where I would get the opportunity to develop sophisticated UI for complex games. This is what brought me to Klang and the project SEED. The inherent difficulty in developing this vision is what drives me to want to solve the UI and UX problems in developing SEED. My goal is to make Seed an intuitive experience that anyone can enjoy.”

Besides designing all the panels and buttons a player will interact with, Craig also is in charge of the ‘user experience’. As he describes it, this involves designing all aspects of the game to increase the usability and accessibility. Examples of this might include, controls, cameras, interactions, user flows and interface designs.
“Without removing difficulty or player agency we aim to reduce player frustration and maximize the enjoyment of playing SEED.”

When we asked Craig what advice he would give himself on Day 1 of his career, he had a typical long term, user friendly approach: “Game development is a messy business. There are always problems to solve and issues to overcome. It's also a journey that everyone has to go through as a team in the process of making games. I would tell my Day 1 self to not lose confidence in the face of these problems.”

We couldn’t agree more, and are delighted to have Craig as part of our team, solving problems together as we continue our journey to Avesta…

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Joe!
Happy 5th Anniversary, Martin!
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