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Happy 3 Year Anniversary Michail!

Wednesday, October 26th

Help us give Michail a warm congratulations on his 3 year Klangaversary! Although you wouldn’t believe it now, Michail, who you can easily spot in the office due to his all-black attire complete with silver-embellished boots, is not a native Berliner. In fact, he moved from Greece to Germany in December of 2010.

His move was mainly fueled by the German IT opportunites, as well as the robust electronic music industry. It was through a good friend of Michails that he learned about the open position at Klang. She invited Michail to a boat party that Klang was throwing, and that is where Michail met Mundi (our CEO) along with other Klangers. Later, after speaking with Mundi and HR he got an official offer for the position. The rest, as they say, is history.

Michail says that working at Klang is unlike any other company that he has worked for in the past. “I feel accepted and like I am a part of a family”, he says. He appreciates the fact that his work feels like a cohesive part of his life, one that is full of friends and that he even looks forward to.

Michail is the ever-trusted, ever-loved IT Office Administrator at Klang. This means that he is in charge of everything IT related, from licenses, equipment orders, cyber security, all the way to internet connections. Plus he is the guy you go to if something breaks or doesn’t work (which is more often than you would think!). In other words, for a video game studio, he is essential.

Outside of work you can find Michail producing music in his home studio. “That is where all my money goes”, he jokes (but is it a joke??). His favorite music to make is groovy old-school techno, and he has plans to release his vinyl this year!

When we asked Michail what his piece of advice for his day-1 Klanger would be, he gave us a very different answer than we had received in the past. He said that he wouldn’t give himself any advice. This is not because Michail thinks that he knows everything, it’s because he is a firm believer that mistakes are an important part of life that help us get to where we are now. “If i didn’t make my mistakes I wouldn’t be the Michail I am today”, he explains.

We are so grateful that Michail is a part of our Klang family. Not only can you rely on him for his IT wizardry, but also for his kindness and great sense of humor. We don’t want to imagine a Klang without Michail! And lucky for us, we don’t have to. Here’s to 3 years together and many more!

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