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The Best of Berlin (According to Klangers)

Thursday, February 15th

As you may have seen through our many blog posts, Berlin has a lot to offer when it comes to food, culture, music, and more. But where is the best place to get the greatest recommendations for the city? That’s right…Klangers themselves! Join us this week as we ask four different Klangers about their favorite establishments and activities in the city.


Mike is Klang’s IT Manager and a long-time Klanger. Originally from Greece, he has made a home for himself in Berlin and spends his time DJing and producing music in his home studio.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT - Madloba Lounge, Georgian food is one of his favorite foods (after Greek of course.)

FAVORITE CLUB - Berghain. He says it is hard to find something similar to Berghain in other cities and countries, which makes it extra special.

FAVORITE PARK - Park am Gleisdreieck. Mike says it’s one of his favorite parks for a run or a stroll.

ONE THING IN BERLIN THAT EVERYONE HAS TO TRY - Mike says that everyone must give Berlin clubbing a try.


Our Office Manager, Norma, is a Berlin local born and raised (yes, those do exist!) In her free time, she likes to get lost in the city with her camera, discovering different shops, art, and food.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT - Norma likes to go to Frea for breakfast. They are a vegan and zero-waste restaurant and she particularly loves their French toast on sourdough bread.

FAVORITE BAR - With so many nice cozy bars in Berlin, it was tough for Norma to decide. She settled on two: Bellboy in Mitte and Sohnemann in Friedrichshain.

FAVORITE PARK - While she admits that she may be biased (due to the fact that she lives right across from it,) Norma’s favorite park is Tierpark.

ONE THING IN BERLIN THAT EVERYONE HAS TO TRY - If you’re feeling adventurous, Norma says you should go out on Thursday night and try not to come home until Sunday.


When Sean isn’t busy discovering new delicious places to eat in Berlin you will find them partaking in their other main hobby: portrait photography. In their photography they enjoy slowing down and focusing on mindful portraiture, giving people a safe space to show up as who they are.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT - Although Sean has many favorites. Right now he really likes Maiyarap. He highly recommends their Thai noodle soup.

FAVORITE (QUEER) BAR - Sean’s go-to bar is the Tipsy Bear, located in Prenzlauer Berg. Even if drinking isn’t your thing, they have trivia, performances, comedy, and more!

FAVORITE PARK - Sean’s favorite is a Berlin classic: Treptower Park. He enjoys strolling along the water and watching the different boats passing by.

ONE THING IN BERLIN THAT EVERYONE HAS TO TRY - Live in a techno club. Can you tell that people like clubbing in Berlin?


You can find Alina (our Office Coordinator) wandering the streets of Berlin with her camera. When she’s not working or taking photos she also enjoys going to museums, visiting galleries, and connecting with others.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT - Alina’s favorite restaurant right now is Umami. She enjoys both the atmosphere and the delicious food.

FAVORITE CLUB - Although Berlin has a lot of great clubs and venues, Alina says she likes RSO the best, because of their amazing sound system and artist curation.

FAVORITE PARK - So far, Alina’s favorite park is Viktoria Park, located in Kreuzberg. She especially loves it in the summertime but says that even when it snows it is magical.

ONE THING IN BERLIN THAT EVERYONE HAS TO TRY - Alina refused to choose one thing. She says if you come to Berlin, clubs, lakes, art galleries, and museums are all a must!


Malthe, who originally grew up in Stockholm, spent his 20s making video games in New York before landing in Berlin. When he’s not working on SEED he spends his time painting and dipping into the rave scene.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT - Malthe’s most-loved restaurant is Zum Schusterjungen, an Alt-Berliner Kitchen in Prenzlauer Berg. He goes there when he’s craving heavy traditional food like Roulade and Schmalz.

FAVORITE CLUB - Just like Mike, Malthe also thinks that no club is better than Berghain.

FAVORITE PARK - Although it’s not very pretty, Malthe also loves Mauerpark. It gets bonus points for being the closest park to his house.

ONE THING IN BERLIN THAT EVERYONE HAS TO TRY - If you’ve never before, Malthe recommends trying daytime clubbing on a Sunday.

And there you have it! Hopefully, this blog post gave you some new ideas for places to eat, drink, and be merry in Berlin.

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